I recently purchased a beautiful backdated Porsche 911 from Funcars. I had spent the better part of the last year searching for a vintage long hood 911 or a backdated 911 with the same look. I had been unable to find just the right car for me. Then I happened across this beautiful car on the internet. The only problem was the car was for sale in Belgium and I live in the USA.

I decided to at least inquire about the car and see if it was available for import. Wouter assured me that he would help with the import and transportation process if I was truly interested in the car. We eventually agreed on a price and the deal was made. Wouter then wanted me to have the car inspected to make sure that it was up to my expectations and that I knew all that there was to know about the car. He transported the car to a Porsche dealer in the Netherlands that has a Porsche Classic Center for an extremely thorough inspection. Upon receiving a favorable inspection report (Wouter arranged for me to speak to the Porsche Classic Center personally) we moved forward.

Yet, I still had a great deal of trepidation. I had never imported a car and was nervous about how the process would go, what was involved in dealing with customs, and how the car would survive a journey across the Atlantic and then from the port to my home. My fears were unfounded. Wouter arranged for all of the transportation and for insurance for the trip (all subject to my approval). A customs forwarder moved the car through the customs process in Houston and the car then went into an enclosed transporter and was delivered directly to my home.

The car arrived in perfect condition and was exactly as it had been presented on the internet and over the phone by Wouter. I could not be more pleased with my car and my experience with Wouter and Funcars. I would encourage anyone to be comfortable purchasing a car from Funcars. Wouter was extremely forthcoming, competent, helpful and enjoyable to work with.

Thank you Wouter!